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          Critical Theory/Translation
 Classical Vietnamese Stories 
Legends from Serene Lands

by Pham Duy Khiêm
Translated from French by Harry Aveling

The present volume is a beautiful collection of folktales from Vietnam. The stories tell of love, happiness and disappointment; war, victory and defeat; of wise and foolish ministers;......

Price:  $30.00


 Literary Theory & the New Critics 
N.D.R. Chandra

The book examines the nature of the tradi-tional criticism vis-a-vis modern criticism. The new in America is represented by J.C. Ransom, Cleanth Brooks, W.K. Wimsatt, Al-len Tate and R.P. Blackmur who were highly influenced by critics like T.E. Hulme, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and......

Price:  $20.00


 Literary Theory and F.R. Leavis 
M. Sridhar

This book places the contribution of F.R. Leavis, one of the most controversial and influential critics of this century, in the context of the rise of English studies as a University discipline in England and subsequent developments in criticism and theory.


Price:  $15.00


 Literary Theory Today 
Pramod Nayar

Theory is perhaps the most important area of study in the academic curriculum today. Both students and teachers are bewildered by the plethora of theories and baffling criticism constantly pouring in. The book gives a comprehensive introduction to this fast-growing discipline of......

Price:  $20.00


 Literature and Culture 
Sachidanand Mohanty

The book brings together a set of essays on literature, culture and literary conversations that have appeared in some of the leading forums in the country. Straddling many worlds —from Cairo to Cambridge, from Sandra Gilbert to Sri Aurobindo—the perspectives aim at the......

Price:  $20.00


 Marxism and Literary Value 
Anil Raina

Literary Theory is perhaps the most debated subject in academic circles today. The theor-ists discussed include Karl Marx, Georg Lukács, Lucien Goldmann, T.W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Louis Althusser, Pierre Macherey, Terry Eagleton and Mikhail Bakhtin.


Price:  $20.00


 Postcolonial Discourse: A Study of Contemporary Literature 
R.K. Dhawan, ed.

As a critical ideology, postcolonialism has acquired various interpretations. Postcolonial literature generally deals with the literature of those countries once ruled or colonized by the British. The book offers a hot and stimulating debate on the term postcolonial and......

Price:  $15.00


 Postcolonial Literatures: Discourses on the Praxis and Pedagogic 
Rajashekhar Patteti, ed.

Explicating the meaning of the word ‘subal-tern,’ the present volume offers a theoretical framework which encompasses various postcolonial literatures and a wide range of literary topics. It takes up important issues like postcolonial identity, multiethnic identity,......

Price:  $25.00


 Studies in Translation: Theory and Practice 
T.Vinoda and V. Gopal Reddy, ed.

Translation has a significant role to play in a multilingual and multicultural country like India. It can help build strong bridges be-tween regions, languages and cultures. The book stresses on the need to develop a theory of translation that would go a long......

Price:  $15.00


 Surviving Postmodernism 
Ron Shapiro

This book is concerned with some of the difficulties posed by postmodernism. It argues that there have been both gains and losses in the widespread acceptance of postmodernist ideas within universities and Western society.


Price:  $20.00


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