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Why publish with Prestige?

Prestige Books are leading publishers of academic books that specialise in publishing research in humanities and social sciences. The publishing house brings out over 40 quality books each year that include contributions from some of the leading scholars from around the world. We focus on academic books, written by researchers and for researchers. Our management and editorial teams comprise of PhDs that currently or have in the past served as academics in some of the world’s leading institutions. Therefore we understand the need and expectations of our clients more than anyone else.

At Prestige, we use an innovative publishing model that enables us to bring out quality books in far lesser time than most of our competitors.

We use state of the art technology and highly skilled personnel to ensure that every book that we produce is a masterpiece.

Responding to readers changing lifestyles, Prestige has recently diversified into electronic publishing as well. This means that the work we publish can reach everywhere in the world in a fraction of time.

What kind of proposals will be entertained?

We publish academic books typically written by university academics. These could be an independent piece of research, such as results of regular research work or a PhD thesis, or a collection of articles from different authors. We do at times bend the rules, so if you are unsure if your work fits into our genre of publication, feel free to get in touch with our editorial team at editorial@prestigebooks.com.au.

We also publish conference proceedings in electronic and print format. Please see details on our Conference Proceedings page.

What should my proposal contain?

1-page abstract
Author’s/Editor’s bio-note
Complete contact details (postal, phone and email)
Indicate if a subsidy or grant is available to support the publication (the cost of production is quite high and the potential for selling academic books is not much. A subsidy towards production significantly improves the chances of the manuscript being accepted)

Target readership
Table of contents (if applicable)
A sample chapter (if available)
Proposed word length (including references)

How do I send my proposal? To whom shall I send my proposal?

All submissions should be sent electronically to our Editorial team at editorial@prestigebooks.com.au

How long does the evaluation process take?

We endeavour to take a decision on all submissions within a 2 week period. One of our team members will get in touch with you either by phone or email soon after.

How long does it take to bring out the final book?

From the time final proofs are agreed, it takes around 3 months to produce the book.

An example* of timelines is illustrated below:
Jan 1 Proposal submitted
Jan 15 Decision from Chief Editor communicated back to author. If agreeable activities commence.
Jan 20 Complete manuscript provided by author
Feb 28 Proof-read manuscript returned back to author for corrections
Mar 10 Corrected manuscript sent back to us
June If no further changes are required, the book may be brought out by June.
* Please note that these are rough time lines only.
We are able to prioritise some publications over others based on urgency to bring out the book (such as books need to be brought out before promotion interviews, special events etc). Please contact the Editorial team to discuss the viability of this.

Will my submission be returned?

Owing to the large number of proposals we do not take any responsibility to return any material sent by you.

Further questions?

Please contact our editorial team at editorial@prestigebooks.com.au
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