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          Conference Proceedings
Why get conference proceedings published by Prestige?

Prestige Books are leading academic publishers that bring out over 40 quality books (including conference proceedings) each year that include contributions from some of the leading scholars from around the world.

We focus on scholarly work, written by researchers and for researchers. Our management and editorial teams comprise of PhDs that currently or have in the past served as academics in some of the world’s leading institutions. Having organised and participated in numerous international seminars and conferences we know what it takes to bring out quality proceedings in time. We therefore understand the need and expectations of our clients more than anyone else in this business.

At Prestige, we use an innovative publishing model that enables us to bring out proceedings (both electronic and/or in book form) in far lesser time than most of our competitors.

We use state of the art technology and highly skilled personnel to ensure that every book that we produce is a masterpiece.

What are the different options available?

>>> Option 1 – Book and CD ROM

Generally CDs contain papers of all conference participants. CDs are distributed at the time of the conference.

The book generally contains select papers (say 20) and is published after the conference (to provide time to incorporate feedback received during the conference). Some organisers prefer to publish more than 20 papers which can then run into multiple volumes.

Depending on the number of participants, abstracts too may be published as a hard copy, ready for distribution at the time of the conference.

>>> Option 2 - Book only

In most of these cases, the book either contains (i) all abstracts or (ii) 20-25 papers.

>>> Option 3 - CD ROM only

In such cases, the CD ROM generally contains papers from all participants.

>>> The 3 options mentioned above are options which most organisers prefer. We are open to any other ideas that you may have.

Our quality

CDs are appropriately labelled, packaged and shipped, or can be stuck on the last page of the book.

Books are generally hardbound with appropriate cover design, proof read and quality produced.

What about ISBN?

Both the CD and book will have ISBN numbers.

What kind of proposals will be entertained?

We publish proceedings for seminars, conferences, colloquiums, doctoral students’ programmes etc for a wide range of disciplines. Please send the following details:

Name and theme of the conference
Dates and location
Publishing options (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 or other)
Organiser (e.g. society, institution)
Key contact name with contact details

How do I send my proposal? To whom shall I send my proposal?

All submissions should be sent electronically to our Editorial team at editorial@prestigebooks.com.au

How long does the evaluation process take?

We endeavour to take a decision on all submissions within a 2 week period. One of our team members will get in touch with you either by phone or email soon after.

How long does it take to bring out the final book?

From the time final proofs are agreed, it takes around 3 months to produce the book. CD ROM proceedings typically take lesser time.

We are able to prioritise some publications over others based on urgency to bring out the book (to meet with conference deadlines). Please contact the Editorial team to discuss the viability of this.

Further questions?

Please contact our editorial team at editorial@prestigebooks.com.au

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